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The View From Here

Limited numbers of 'Over View' are still available for purchase from the Expression shop. New CD versions of the two albums recorded by David Ferguson under the name of Random Hold and Nine Ways to Win will be available soon. We hope that more copies of 'The View from Here' will be pressed at some time soon.

'The View from Here' (Double CD)

CD1 (approx. running time 63 minutes)

These tracks were all recorded at Startling Studios but the ones marked * were mastered at Sterling Sound NYC

  1. Meat
  2. Second Nature*
  3. The Ballad
  4. Precarious Timbers*
  5. Central Reservation
  6. Avalanche*
  7. Cause and Effect
  8. Dolphin Logic
  9. Silver Spoons*
  10. Feat eats the soul
  11. Etceteraville*
  12. With people out of love
  13. Film Music*
  14. Montgomery Clift*
CD 2 (approx. running time 61 minutes)
  1. Tunnel Vision
  2. What Happened
  3. The View from Here
  4. Peter Gabriel intro - This section 'Live at Philadelphia' (the last show)
  5. What Happened
  6. Avalanche
  7. Etceteraville
  8. Silver Spoons
  9. Where do all the people live?
  10. Today is as good as any other
  11. Passive Camera
  12. Montgomery Clift
  13. Second Nature (demo with Ainley/Leach)
Over View

Over View (approx. running time 72 minutes )

(Tracks marked * are the line-up featuring Simon Ainley [gtr/vocals] and Dave Leach [drums]. Tracks marked + are post-Polydor demos recorded by the Rhodes/Ferguson/Phipps/MacCormick line-up)

  1. Water (just Rhodes/Ferguson from one of their early demos)
  2. With People*
  3. Verona Rolls*
  4. Precarious Timbers*
  5. The Ballad*
  6. Big Star*
  7. The Blind*
  8. Second Nature*
  9. Cause and Effect (alternative take from Startling)
  10. Camouflage+
  11. All in your head+
  12. In the beginning+
  13. Wallpaper Song+
  14. Today is as good as any other+
  15. The Flag+
  16. Passive Camera+
  17. Montgomery Clift*

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